Top Rated Programming Courses

Python for Everybody

This course aims to teach the basics of programming computers using Python. It covers how to construct a program from a series of simple instructions in Python. The course has no pre-requisites and avoids all but the simplest mathematics. Anyone with moderate computer experience should be able to master the materials in this course.

Mastering Software Development in R

In this specialization you will obtain rigorous training in the R language, including the skills for handling complex data, building R packages and developing custom data visualizations. You will learn modern software development practices to build tools that are highly reusable, modular, and suitable for use in a team-based environment or a community of developers.

Java Programming and Software Engineering Fundamentals

Designed for beginners, this Specialization will teach you core programming concepts and equip you to write programs to solve complex problems. In addition, you will gain the foundational skills a software engineer needs to solve real-world problems, from designing algorithms to testing and debugging your programs.

The Web Developer Bootcamp

When learning to program you often have to sacrifice learning exciting and current technologies in favor of the “beginner friendly” classes. In this course, you get the best of both worlds. It’s designed for the beginner, yet covers some of the most exciting topics in the industry. Learn HTML, CSS, JS, Node, and more.

The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0

You’ll get access to 12 chapters that dig deep into the nitty gritty of building successful websites. Each chapter is supported with over 40 hours of video tutorials and practical website challenges. Learn to build 25 websites and real mobile apps using HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Python, MySQL and more.

Ultimate Web Designer & Developer Course: Build 23 Projects

Become a Full-Stack Developer — Learn Everything from Design to Front & Back-End Programming. Go from knowing nothing to creating over 23 impressive designs, websites, and applications — all with step-by-step instruction from an entertaining and engaging coding instructor.

Architecting with Google Cloud Platform Specialization

Participants explore and deploy solution elements, including infrastructure components such as networks, systems and applications services. Course also covers deploying practical solutions including securely interconnecting networks, customer-supplied encryption keys, security and access management, quotas and billing, and resource monitoring.

Complete Java Masterclass

Learn to master Java 8 and Java 9 core development step-by-step, and make your first unique, advanced program in 30 days. Learn how to easily write advanced programs for all computing platforms at once. Gain expert-level knowledge of Java code (+ advanced tricks used by pros). And the core skills needed to program for big clients, as a travelling freelancer or from home.

JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts

Grasp how Javascript works and it’s fundamental concepts. Write solid, good Javascript code. Understand closures, prototypal inheritance, IIFEs, and much more. Drastically improve your ability to debug problems in Javascript. Understand the source code of popular Javascript frameworks. Build your own Javascript framework or library.

Complete Python Bootcamp: Go from zero to hero in Python 3

Learn to use Python professionally, learning both Python 2 and Python 3. Learn the collections module and how to work with timestamps. Learn to use Object Oriented Programming with classes. Understand decorators. Understand how to use Jupyter Notebook and create .py files. And more.

Angular 6 (formerly Angular 2) — The Complete Guide

Master Angular (both Angular 4 and Angular 2) and build awesome, reactive web apps with the successor of Angular.js. This course will teach you all the fundamentals about modules, directives, components, databinding, routing, HTTP access and much more.

Modern React with Redux

Master the fundamentals of React and Redux with this tutorial as you develop apps supported by NPM, Webpack, and ES6. This course will get you up and running quickly, and teach you the core knowledge you need to deeply understand and build React components and structure applications with Redux.

The Complete Android N Developer

Learn Android App Development with Android 7 Nougat by building real apps including Uber, Whatsapp and Instagram. You’ll build your own apps in real-time, as you learn. You’ll also get a full guide on submitting your apps to Google Play, plus how to effectively market your apps, and more.

The Complete Node.js Developer

Learn Node.js by building real-world applications with Node, Express, MongoDB, Mocha, and more. The entire course is based on turning you into a professional Node developer capable of developing, testing, and deploying real-world production applications. You’ll be programming every project and working through challenges designed to reinforce what you’ve learned.

iOS 11 & Swift 4 — The Complete iOS App Development Bootcamp

Be able to build any app you want. Craft a portfolio of apps to apply for junior developer jobs. Build fully-fledged apps for your startup or business. Work as a freelance iOS developer. Master creating Augmented Reality apps using Apple’s new ARKit. Create your first Machine Learning app using Apple’s new CoreML

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