Center for Environmental Transformation

Dedicated to environmental transformation and environmental justice particularly in the Waterfront South neighborhood of Camden, New Jersey

Transformation House

History of The Building

Like exness so many of the buildings in the neighborhood around Sacred Heart Church, the building began its life (circa 1900) as a duplex. When Sacred Heart School was first opened in 1920 the building served as a convent for the Dominican Sisters who taught at the school. At that time, the building was remodeled to convert the duplex into a single home. Doorways were cut in the wall exness broker seperating the two homes of the duplex and a single entrance was formed. Over the years, additions were made to the back of the house.

photo of front of buildingWhen the Sisters left in 1969 the building was used for a variety of purposes: for a while it was rented to the State of New Jersey for use as a home for girls. It exness sign up also housed the neighborhood clinic operated by Sacred Heart.

In 2005 the Center for Transformation assumed responsiblities for the building

Renovation Efforts

The Center for Transformation wanted to renovate the building to provide a conference and retreat center. Thanks to many, many voluteers the renovation effort is nearing completion.

Program Plans

No information is available at this writing about the programs that will be available when the renovation has been completed.