Center for Environmental Transformation

Dedicated to environmental transformation and environmental justice particularly in the Waterfront South neighborhood of Camden, New Jersey

Our Mission

The mission of Sacred Heart Church states that we are “a people called to be a Christian community and to stand exness on the side of life with all the struggling people of Camden and the world.” To answer that call we have established a variety of ministries including the Heart of Camden and Eve’s Garden, the Hynes Family Resource Center, our local CCOP (Camden Churches Organized for People), the St. Vincent de Paul Society, the Peace Community, and the Camden Houses community.

What We Hope To Achieve

The Center for Transformation will not replace the work of the various agents in Waterfront South who are already engaged in environmental remediation. Working with these agents the Center for Transformation will provide space for an ongoing exploration and articulation of a theology of environmental justice.

Why Here? Why Now?

We are united at Sacred Heart Church in gathering around God’s table every Sunday to celebrate transformation- of bread exness trading platform and wine into the body and blood of Christ and of ourselves into the hands and feet of Jesus in this world. We are committed to transformation and Waterfront South is the perfect location.

The most grievous violation of the planet and of the lives of human beings takes place every day in Waterfront South, Camden, NJ. In order to effect transformation of the minds and hearts of people about the environmental devastation being caused by our own economic decisions, people need to witness that crucifixion of the earth and the air, and the people who dwell therein.

Who We Are

The Center for Transformation was established in 2006 by a group from Sacred Heart Church of Camden, New Jersey united in a common concern exness trader for the community of Waterfront South and focused on the environment of this devastated city.

Board of Directors

  • Mark Doorley
  • Susan Cedrone
  • Rev. Michael Doyle
  • Cathy Fox
  • Eileen Borland
  • Cheryl Heatwole-Shenk
  • Andrea Ferich
  • Sue Hitchcock
  • Bill Harden
  • Celia Chazelle
  • Rosemary Hally
  • Jim Hally
  • Cathy Nevins

Contact Us

Or write to us at The Center, 1729 Ferry Ave., Camden, NJ 08104.